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Remember Us Urban Scouts was created to provide youth with a safe space to receive development and mentorship. This organization was created by Miguel "Geno " Tucker, a Columbus, Ohio resident and lifelong community member of the South Linden area. After navigating the same environments many of the youth we serve come from and the death of his nephew Henry Green V, Geno recognized the need for mentors and programs that offered our youth exposure to opportunities many youths from these communities never have access to. Thus Remember Us Urban Scouts was created to provide Entrepreneurship training and life skills development to equip our youth with skills needed to be successful in either business or employment. 

Youth Bicycle Club


Remember Us Urban Scouts mission is to serve as a hub for resources and services for youth and their families. 


Through intentional partnerships and programming, Urban Scouts youth are equipped to enter a career field of their choice or create their own business. Youth will create generational wealth, break cycles of poverty for their families and communities, and be the change needed in their communities.   

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