What We Do 

Here is a list of programs we offer. Coming March 2022 we will be launching our year-long afterschool program. Stay tuned for details! 


Landscaping Training 

Youth have the opportunity to train in the landscaping industry. Youth will go through three sessions over the course of a year to learn, understand, and work in the landscaping field. Youth who graduate from this program will be connected with employment opportunities and/or the ability to receive coaching in creating their own landscaping business.  

Customer Service Training 

The key to successful businesses and employment is Customer Service. We have partnered with the National Retail Federation to provide training and nationally recognized certifications. Youth who complete this training are able to earn more at their employment and have the skillset needed for the customer service industry. 


Intro to Cosmetology 
"Braiding and Shampooing" 

We provide youth 16 and up who have passed the 10th grade the opportunity to earn an Ohio State Board of Cosmetology Braiders and Shampooing license. This license will allow the student to work in the hair industry doing braiding and shampooing only or be on the path to opening their own braiding boutique. Upon graduation of the three sessions, youth will be connected with employment and/or coaching to create their own business. 

After School Program

All of our programs happen during our afterschool program hours. Youth have the ability to work with mentors, coaches, and tutors to complete schoolwork, Urban Scouts programming, and additional opportunities to introduce our youth to different careers and hobbies.